Belt Squeal, boost leak, turbo noise ? - see video

Hatchet Ratchet

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Nov 6, 2006
Freedom, WI
2004 Jetta PD
i've just replaced the head gasket, tandem pump gasket, intake and exahust manifold gaskets, cleaned out intake and intake ports, replaced turbo oil feed line with braided, replaced camshaft, lifters, cam oil seal, and take out for the 20 min / 2k rpm break in drive for the new camshaft and drained the oil just after filming this video.

i reused the belts and water pump as they only had 26k on them. i did not mark the direction of the belts. i do not want to do anything with the timing belt if possible.

does this sound like a belt noise, turbo noise, or boost leak noise?

there was only a boost leak hiss from the pancake pipe to intercooler joint prior to taking everything apart. i replaced the o-ring seal, inspected the tabs on the pipe and put in a new clip at that joint.

any suggestions on what to look for or trouble shooting steps or perhaps someone who had the exact same thing.... and your solution would be wonderful?



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Feb 2, 2018
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2003 Jetta 390k km
imo it doesn't sound turbo related since it seems very in sync with rpms. Not sure where else you could start other then removing the accessory belt to rule out anything in there and putting your ear on a screwdriver and listening to things to see if you hear anything.
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