Beetle Scanguage Install


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Aug 5, 2014
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
2002 New Beetle ALH 01M
Hello Folks,
Hope everybody had a good holiday season. The big man in red (or perhaps my girlfriend ;) ) got me a Scanguage II for Christmas!
Took me damn near forever to find the right spot to install it. Although I suppose it could be moved at any time with some new Velcro. Here are some pictures of the install. I first had it setup as blue to closely match the speedo cluster, but upon my girlfriends idea.. changing it to red to match my radio and climate illumination actually looked much better. Also set up Trans temp as an added "XGuage" so I can keep an eye on my 01M.
Would love to see some pictures of other installs! Installing things in a NB can be tricky as we have huge dash real estate but everything would either be too far away, on top of the passenger side airbag cover, or just awkwardly mounted. We seem to have much more limited space down below the dash on the console for the installation of gadgets. I would love to get into amateur (ham) radio in the car, but I don't even know where to start.... Maybe one day.
Here are the pics of the scanguage.


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Oct 5, 2007
Orlando, FL
I bolted or screwed the scan gauge to the underside of the seat/hazard switch unit. Then I ran the cable behind everything. It's a solid mount and I can see it fine.

Link to pic


Nov 12, 2016
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03' TDI Beetle
Nice job. I too have a Scan Gauge II. I mounted mine in the lower center of the console just under the Hazard switch, then looped the cable up under the dash and above the steering column up to the OBD port. Nice and clean! :{)