Bad AM radio in 2006


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Apr 28, 2006
I have a 2006 Jetta and recently my AM radio reception went bad. I listen to talk radio to and from work on my 100+ communte. So I need my radio.

Lately it is very broken up. I can listen to it but is't pretty bad. Some times it clears up decent.

I stopped by the dealer to get something and I asked the parts guy about it. He asked the audi service guy since everyone elsde was out to lunch. I had read on here that the antenna was in the rear window on the Jetta and not the shark fin. I asked if this was true and the Audi guy said "no, it all comes through the shark fin". I told my wife I don't believe it becuase of what I had read here.

So what is the truth?

Should I take the radio out and see if the connection came loose on the back of it? Is there other things I can check to find out what is causing it? Maybe putting a temporary antenna on there just for a minute to see if it clears up?

It used to be when I would go under some high tension power lines ont he way to and from work the radio would feed back pretty good. Not a squeel but but a loud hum until I cleared them. I notice now that it's breaking up it doesn't even do that when I go under the lines.

Help an AM junkie out will ya?


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Apr 18, 2009
it'd be pretty hard for the connections to come off, they sort of lock on the back of the radio but it might be worth a check. I have an old radio out of my 06 with peeling buttons if you want to check to see if it's the tuner.

Bob S.

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Aug 17, 2006
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AZ06Jetta said:
Do you have tinted windows? Some metalic tints have negatively effected the radio reception on the 2006 models.
+1 My AM reception when to cr@p when I had the windows tinted. I suspect that you are correct that the AM antenna is in the rear window.


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Sep 21, 2005
my 2006 Jetta radio reception on the AM band has sucked since the car was new. No problems found

Power lines over head take the signal near completely out till I am past the wires


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Dec 17, 2006
06 jetta
this may be a long shot....

no doubt my anenna is in the rear window,I don't have a fin.

when I turn on my rear window defroster my AM reception is shot.could
your switch be on?