B5.5 BHW complete engine for sale Kansas City area


Sep 4, 2002
Kansas City
I bought a 2004 Passat TDI in Indiana earlier this year that had the hood fly up at highway speed and crushed the hood/roof/windshield. I pulled the engine, sold the trans and crushed the car.

The previous owner (rolotomassi44 user here) told me that the car had a recent Frank06 cam, geared balance shaft module installed, and timing belt job done. I don't have the receipts to prove it and it was way too hot here today to spend any additional time at the shop pulling the valve cover and pan to verify, so I am pricing the engine accordingly.

It has 210k miles and runs great. The engine includes the a/c compressor, alternator, power steering pump, turbo and engine harness. I pulled the SKC for the cluster and wrote it in paint pen on the ECU - it is 2515. The tandem pump is gone and the glow plugs are bad (needed them for my Passat) and the engine is stored inside the shop.

The price for the complete engine with wiring harness and ECU is $800 cash, and I can throw in the cluster, which is an FIS for $100 additional. If the engine sells without the ECU I will list it separately but won't break them up until I have a deal for the engine.

I don't have a way to palletize and ship this thing so if you are not local I will have to have you arrange shipping.

This would probably be a great starting point for a Jeep/Toyota truck swap since I have the cluster, ecu, and engine harness complete.

Please contact me through PM (slow response) or email me at copierbrain AT yahoo.com (medium response) or text me at 913-four eight eight - 6172 (fastest response). I can't take personal calls during business hours so please text, email, or PM me and I will call you as soon as I am able.
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