B4V startup issue


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Oct 17, 2010
Ocala, FL
96 Passat Wagon TDI B4V Storm Gray 258k, 98 Jetta TDI 260k (retired for spare parts)
1996 Passat TDI Wagon B4V. Installed a brand new rebuilt European spec 1Z engine with Euro pistons. Anyhow. It fired right up. But. The fuel timing kept jumping around and ran funny. It finally didn’t fire back up after a return fuel popped of. i have a slightly larger turbo that can gain 15-40 hp. I also installed larger injectors Bosio PP520. I checked the engine timing and it was fine. I had two codes show up. 00527 - Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor (G72) 30-10 Open or Short to Plus - intermittent
and 01237—Fuel Shut-off valve (N109) 31-10 Open or Short to Ground - intermittent.
a bit of smoke coming out the back but I did change out the 109 relay and N75 valve. Also it tried starting up a little. I tested the N109 and heard it clicking but I’m replacing that just in case. Pump sat for two years or more. I’m getting fuel just don’t know if it’s enough. After doing all that I switched IP out and same thing
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