B4V rebuild project + Sedan daily driver FS


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Sep 14, 2004
Seattle, WA
R320 CDI, '96 B4V (for sale)
B4V (interior project) + Sedan daily driver FS

TL: DR version- You get a daily driver and B4V runs & drives but needs mostly interior work.

Ok folks, I've FINALLY come to the conclusion that I'm continuing to endanger my marriage by holding onto the B4s in my life. Wife purchased an "F- you & your old diesels" Scion xD :eek: so after that shot over the bow I'm prioritizing selling rather than refurbing the B4 wagon.

I have almost 2 wagons worth of interior plastic + carpet in storage that will go with it, extra door cards and a ton of other B4 bits. Hood clear coat is peeling, need to replace heater core (I have one) and would be a good idea to replace cooling fan (I have one). I can happily run through details of this car & if you look at my history on here you'll see I have had a long addiction to these that has to be cut off in favor of time with my 5 YO and wife ;-) - save me.

I originally purchased the sedan as a potential parts car but it was too nice and went back on the road as a daily driver. 145k on current engine that was replaced when original bit the dust at 47k so body has almost 200k but doesn't show it. The Nice Cars guys had their hands on it at one point, but I went through it to make sure they hadn't done anything too dumb. AC compressor was failing so I dumped it and put the Rock Auto idler pulley in place. All AC equipment is still in place if you want it to blow cold again.

I'll get pics up later today & I'm entertaining offers for the pair of these vehicles before I list separately. By all means buy one or both before the new year and you'll make my wife very happy. :D


PS if anyone wants another fun vehicle I may be taking my R320 CDI back from insurance fun. It has a new turbo and will have other new bits if I get settled... Discussing that one might require drinking :rolleyes:
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