Average Manual Clutch Replacement Cost?


Jun 22, 2015
Syracuse, NY
2000 mk4 1.9L Jetta 178,000m
I have a 2000 Jetta TDI with 184,000 miles on it. Manual transmission.

The clutch is officially shot.

What costs have you guys seen to have a certified VW (not dealership) replace a manual clutch on these? I don't have the time to do it myself.

For whatever it's worth I live in Upstate NY.


Certified Volkswagen Nut & Vendor
Dec 11, 2001
outside St Louis (where it's safe)
There are just too many to list....
We charge 6 hours to R&R all the transverse FWD VAG transmissions for flywheels, clutches, etc. Our labor rate is $135/hr. So $810 labor alone.

Parts depends on really what you want. That car from the factory most likely had a Sachs DMF/clutch set. Since DMFs rarely outlast the clutch itself, we would never R&R the trans and replace JUST your clutch, so you'd have the option of a new Sachs DMF/clutch assembly (I think these are around a grand list price), a Luk replacement DMF/clutch combo (these are less, maybe $500 list?), or a Valeo or Sachs one-piece flywheel conversion kit, which I think are also around $600. Then a couple mount bolts, maybe the release lever and pivot if they are worn ($75?). You can certainly find parts online for less, but many shops (including ours) will not install them as we have no control over any warranty type claims and/or fitment.