Audi Sales Up 2/2/2000



Audi was particularly successful in the USA where it sold 65,959 vehicles (up 38.8
percent). 257,642 units (up 5.5 percent) were sold in Germany. This gave the company
a market share in Germany of 6.8 percent in 1999 (6.5 percent in the previous year).
261,499 Audis were sold in Western Europe (not including Germany) (up 1.8 percent).
Vehicle sales in Japan dropped 27.2 percent to 6,429 units, partly as a result of the
nation's general economic situation. 43,179 vehicles (up 2.2 percent) were delivered to
customers in other markets. This figure includes 6,911 vehicles sold in China (down 8.8
percent). A significant increase in demand is expected this year following the market
launch of the Audi A6, which has been modified for the Chinese market and is produced
in China.
Vehicle production in the Audi Group rose in 1999 by 1.1 percent to 626,059 units,
including 252 Lamborghini Diablo models. The model with the highest volume was the
Audi A4 which accounted for 248,428 units, followed by the Audi A6 with 161,037, the
Audi A3 with 143,333, the Audi TT with 52,579 and the Audi A8 with 14,636 units. The
number of engines manufactured by Audi in Györ (Hungary) and Ingolstadt went up by
1.9 percent to 1,265,465 units. Cosworth Technology Limited was also consolidated as
a new subsidiary for the first time in 1999.


Audi of America, Inc. reported sales of 6,185 for the month of
January, up 80.1 percent over the same month last year when sales were 3,435. It was
Audi's best January ever.

Increases were seen in every Audi model range. The primary drivers were the A6 with
sales totaling 2,398, an 80.8 percent increase over January 1999 and the A4 with 2,788
sales, up 43.4 percent.

The 2000 TT coupe, which will be available in a Roadster and 225-horsepower engine in
May, continues to sell at a swift pace with 831 for the month.

Audi's all-aluminum flagship A8 continued to climb with sales of 168, a 9.1 percent
increase over January 1999. A long wheel base version, the A8 L, will be available in the
coming months.

Last month, Audi reported its best December ever and best year-to-date since 1985 with
total sales of 65,959. This accomplishment marked Audi's fifth straight year of double
digit growth, 38.8 percent higher than 1998's results of 47,517.