Auction Items


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Feb 4, 2002
hooksett, nh
'11 Jetta TDI
We're pleased to announce some of this year's impressive array of auction items:

<ul type="square">
[*]Zaino car care kit - donated by Sal Zaino
[*]a set of bilstein econo TC's - donated by (danix)
[*]a set of injector nozzles - donated by Kerma
[*]three $100 gift certificates to - donated by metalnerd
[*]2 bentley cd manuals - donated by Bentley
[*]head-rest camera mount - donated by penclnck
[*]2 a4 ccv filters - donated by oldnavy and Stanco Machine
[*]1 a3/b4 ccv filter - donated by oldnavy and Stanco Machine
[*]2 a4 engine cover kits - donated by oldnavy and Stanco Machine
[*]1 rocketchip - donated by jsrmonster
[*]ALH filter kits - donated by Impex
[*]Vag-Com - donated by Ross-Tech
[*]A4 5 speed short shift kit - donated by Dieselgeek
[*]CAT filter - donated by Greg Lundy
[*]rear swaybar - donated by Shine Racing
[*]a few extra surprise items


The auction is always a real good time and we are pleased to announce that once again GeWilli will be our MC for this event. And as always, all the proceeds go to TDIClub. Traditionally this event has been the big moneymaker for the site. Let's carry on that tradition this year!