Attention MY00 Jetta GLS TDI Available!!

Randy W

Veteran Member
Jun 2, 1999
Orlando, FL USA
Attention ALL future TDI owners. I have just stopped by the local VW dealership (Royal VW in Orlando FL) and they have just received (in the past few days) 1 MY00 Jetta GLS TDI with the following info.:

Black with Cloth interior
Luxury Package
4-speed auto
Dealer treatments

The deal requires a $500 deposit and the total cost is only $21,975!!!! This is the lowest cost for one fo these beauties I have seen!!

Contact Ron Fischel at: 1050 Lee Road
Orlando Fl, 32810
407 644 2222 Phone
407 628 4631 Fax.

I told him about lists like these and he's expecting a call soon.

This is a great deal!! I wouldn've snapped it up myself, but the budget doens't say so for 12 more months.

Go get it, it looks great and feels even better!!