Assorted B4 Parts


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May 25, 2001
San Antonio, TX
'97 Passat Wagon 410K RIP
Hey everyone,

I have some assorted B4 Passat parts that are ready for a new home. I'll list purchase prices for the new parts but not the old. All are best offer.

We can make arrangements that include Paypal, or I can load the parts (after we agree on price) into my on-line store for ordering/tracking/payment with a credit/debit card (or paypal). And I do have dishes and windows to wash as well. :)

The new (not rebuilt):

One air conditioning receiver/dryer/accumulator, aftermarket, 3A0820191, $38.45
One air conditioning compressor with clutch, 1H0820803D/S, Valeo, $289.95
One accessory serpentine belt (with AC), Continental, $14.98
One V belt (with power steering), 11.5x790, Continental, $9.92
Two vented front brake rotors, ATE, $43.16 ea
One set front brake pads, OEM quality, Mintex, $10.23
One pair front splash guards with clips/instructions SOLD

The used:

One 1Z EGR cooler with coolant hoses
One intake manifold with leaky EGR valve
One B4V receiver trailer hitch (without grade 8 bolts/large washers)
One left side stop light assembly - inner (the half on the tailgate/hatch)
One lug wrench


Again - the prices listed are what I paid for the parts (from MJM Autohaus and Autohaus AZ). All parts are best offer plus actual shipping.
Thanks all,
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