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Oct 10, 2017
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So I bought a new scanner. The AP200 blue tooth reader by Autel. I bought this device to remove airbag light on dash as my Innova would not. I downloaded everything you need to diagnose the 01 Jetta TDI. 1 free download. I scanned and erased any codes it had. It wasn't really codes. It was readouts. I couldn't erase the air bags but told me it's was side bags. High resistance and seatbelts high resistance. After erase I unplugged reader and tried to start car and just cranked. Wouldn't start. Lots of juice in battery. I plugged my other obd reader in and it gives me a error. Basically no communication with ECM. What did I do? Fry ECM? The only thing I did wrong was buy this fancy (to me) obd reader. Car was in the on position and not running when diagnosing. Did have it on and door open for some time but turns over fine just won't start. My other obd reader isn't communicating either. Shouldn't have even worried about the light and concentrated on no interior lights,gas door not opening or trunk using switches. Frustrated. Was going to certified car this week after I just installed brakes and new exhaust. Now what.?????. Please help if you can. Thanks


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Oct 12, 2011
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Long shot.
Try disconnecting both battery terminals off and shorting them together for 10 minutes or so.

Do the cluster lights come on including the glow plug light (GPL even for less then a second)
I can't see any reason what you did should have caused this.

What were the error codes you got?

Any other electrical things not working?