Anyone out there rocking a B4 still? Free parts!

Tdi Kick

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Mar 9, 2009
91 Sidekick AHU, '05 Passat Variant BHW, '03 Passat Variant BHW 4MO
Howdy Clubbers!
Free parts, might help an oldie Passat live on?
helped a buddy tear apart a 96 B4 TDI SEDAN for a swap he's doing.
drivetrain and most of the interior is spoken for.
car is dark green and most body panels EXCEPT drivers door are rust free and straight. bumpers are whole and not damaged or cracked. front fascia is off already and just laying there.
he says the car is going to scrap in a week, come get what you like before the carcass gets dumped.
you can PM me if you want anything.