Anyone near Central MS that can help with headlight replacement?


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Jan 19, 2005
Vicksburg, MS
2005 Jetta GLS Wagon 5-speed Tiptronic
Is there anyone in the central MS area that can help me with headlight replacement? My 2005 Jetta's lenses are gross looking, beyond what any DIY restoration methods can fix. I was thinking of ordering glass replacements lenses because I thought it would be a quick and easy job. I just watched a video on how to replace them, and it shot that idea down. If I'm going to have to go to all that trouble just for the lenses I figure I might as well replace the lights while I'm at it.

I'm still looking at replacements. I'm not going to get any thing fancy/expensive. I will probably just go with a stock looking e-code with fog lights (my car doesn't have fogs), so I'll need help with the wiring too. If the lights I pick don't have glass lenses, I'm still going to get the glass lenses too. I have all of the tools except the heat gun.
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