Anyone have a lead on a plug connector or pigtail?


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Aug 30, 2018
Silver Spring, MD
2000 Golf
Back to messing with my 1997 Boxster. Finally tracked down those pesky pin connectors.

In the process of removing all the old pins from the plastic connector thing, I buggered it up pretty decently.
There's a VW part# on it, but Googling it barely turns up any results even worth skimming over.

Anyone have ideas on this one?
Part number shown on plug is 443 972 523 with what looks like an oddly scratched out part directly after.

Searching online, all I've found is 443 972 523a
And the part is nearly unobtainable.

Any tips?

It shows up as an Audi/Vw part, never seen it listed as a Porsche part so far. Sometimes it's listed a a cruise control module plug, but I'm not sure.