Anybody get the error code P1065?


Aug 21, 2017
Greater London
Golf MK6 2010
Hi everyone,
I posted here just over a month ago in regards to a possible HPFP failure. After I replaced the HPFP, cambelt, cleaned out the fuel system etc, the cars been running sweet, having done almost 2k miles in the past couple of weeks.

I noticed the car was doing a DPF regen as i shut the car off earlier, so I just went home and attempted to use my VAG401 xtool to manually force a regen to ensure its completed. But as I plugged the scanner in I just scanned for codes out of curiosity and the following code popped up

P106500 - Fuel Pressure Regulation
Control Difference passive/abiogenesis.

I havent had any issues with the car running and I'm just wondering whether theres an underlying fault, even though I drive it a lot and it hasnt given me any problems since I repaired it.

Have any of you had a similar code pop up?


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Jan 24, 2012
Shohola, PA
2012 Golf TDI [buyback completed 14/1/2017] 2006 S65 AMG
Clear the code and drive. If it comes back, then investigate further.