Another P0016 issue, could it be the crankcase vent?

May 5, 2023
Georgia, USA
So I put a new engine in my 2015 Jetta with the 2.0TDI. It ran good for about 6k miles, other than a old smell, that I thought was DEF that had spilled onto the DEF Filter. A couple hundred miles ago my glow plug light started flashing and then disappeared. It came back along with a P0016 cam/crank correlation issue. Car runs strong and I'm getting 56 mpg with it. I verified the timing twice and replaced my cam idler, because it looked like it had slipped some. It was an offbrand that came with my timing belt kit. Timing belt was replaced when engine was swapped out. I swapped out the cam and crank sensors from my old engine, which actually had new sensors on it. I also swapped out the camshaft control valve. The manual says I need to perform an adaption on it, but I haven't had any luck locating that inside VCDS. I read somewhere that a bad crankcase vent could be to blame, although I can blow into the CCV tube and it seems clears. Also I noticed that if my oil cap is loose, it likes to dance around due to the pressure coming out of the engine. It's also not a steady dance. Sometimes it has a vacuum that pulls the cap down and holds it for a few seconds. Also when I start the car hen cold it takes 5-10 seconds to fire up. Warm starts are immediate.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?