All brand new DIY ALH harness


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May 29, 2010
North Carolina
1984 CJ w/ ALH and 1994 XJ w/ PD150/ALH hybrid
So I figured I'd see if I could make an all brand-new harness for a TDI swap from parts sourced from Ali-Express. Long story short, it works. It can be made pretty cheaply, and it's simple if you have the schematics and a good set of crimpers.

Here are the part numbers for the plugs

Pedal 3B0972706​
OBD2 J1962f​
N75 1J0973722​
CPS 1J0973723G​
ECU-81 368376-1​
ECU-40 038906379B​
GP Socket 038973721​
Coolant 4B0973712​
Needle Lift 037906240​
IP 1J0973735​
MAP 1J0973704​
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