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ALH TDI pinout.


Jun 26, 2003
Watertown, MA, USA
'99.5 Golf GLS, '01 Jetta GLX Wagon (TDI conversion)
Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of swapping an '00 ALH/5 speed into an '03 1.8t/automatic (both were jetta's).

I'm having trouble with the T14a connector that the pin out is shown on this thread. In the 1.8t jetta, I'm missing pin 3 (green) and pin 10 (black with green stripe).

I also see on the diagram that pin 10 should go to the load reduction relay. I traced this black/green stripe wire to fuse 10 (small fuses) on the 2000 wiring, but it doesn't seem to exist on the 1.8t. The bottom blade of the load reduction relay traces continuity to fuses 20, 21, and 36 on the 1.8t, but those also exist on the TDI, so I need that extra wire...
Pin 88 of the ECU goes to pin 10 of T14a which then goes through a 5A fuse to the fat black wire with red stripe that goes to the load reduction relay. Your 1.8t jetta will not have that 5A fuse so you'll need to add it. You could probably just add an inline fuse - that's what I did to make my glow plugs work on my ALH conversion.


May 14, 2001
Portland Oregon
2001 golf gl, 2006 jetta, 1981 ALH swapped rabbit pickup, 1998 beetle
Nice. Havent looked at those in like 8 years. Glad you saved them from photobucket jail. Lol