Alh glow plug ?


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Mar 17, 2015
2003 Jetta Wagon ALH, 2013 tdi sportwagen
Removed and replaced 1,2 & 3 without issue. Got to #4 and after soaking them with pb blaster and or oil for a few days before and after driving to warm it up. Eventually got it loose and worked it back and forth soaking it along the way. The part of it you can see is visibly backed out but I cannot get it out of the hole! 2 of the others were kind of swelled on the end after removal, could this one be the same swelled end but worse? If so what now? Please, thanks for your help. Talon


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May 5, 2011
'02 Jetta
I'm not sure on these glow plugs but on others swelling is pretty common, especially if a jump start function on a battery charger is used, and it will cause the plug to get stuck in the head.

If it were me, (and I'll probably get chewed for this) I would get a pair of the vise-grip slide hammer jobbies and hope for the best. Might even be able to make something that would work. If you do jack up the threads, you could probably clean up the threads with a tap or even heli-coil it. I don't see any other way besides removing the head, (which is probably the correct way to do it.)
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