Alh engine block helicoil head bolt?


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Nov 8, 2020
Albuquerque nm
Jetta mk4 alh
I was replacing cylinder head and installing arp bolts and the threads pulled out of the block. Looked into time sert option but the drill bit supplied would had gotten into the oil/water passages. Jb weld is out of the question. It’s been sitting for almost a year with new injectors and big nozzles head gasket and belts and tune waiting… would this work seems to cheap to but seen videos of people doing it on Toyota engines. Any help would be great. Don’t want to replace the bottom too. Btw all done in the garage at home


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Mar 23, 2011
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98 Jetta TDI AHU 1.9L (944 TDI swap in progress) I moved so now i got nothing but an AHU in a garage on a pallet.
1st off ARP studs are (according to the best head guy out there frank06... a bad thing to install for performance if you do NOT have the block built for it) causes small warping of the blocks cylinder bore
2nd that sucks.....
i would drill it out and install a helicoil. this will be the smallest amount of material removable. past that, its a scrapped block unless its repaired properly. as you said, the other inserts will get into the water jacket... If could be repaired and sealed with proper lock tight and RTV on the stud but that's a "i have to get it home fix" NOT any sort of reliable fix. Why it pulled the threads out astounds me. you are supposed to brush and clean out the threads so either it was damaged before hand and you finshed it off or something bad happened when you installed it. either way.... a helicoil is a solid as any repair. you have a cast block. timeserts are best for bi metal (aluminum repairs)