Air in fuel return BRM, no start.


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Oct 28, 2018
Kingston WA
15 GSW 06 Jetta BRM
How much air in the fuel return line is an acceptable amount? I’m getting small bubbles with a fluid extractor attachment. Generally small ones. At first there was a lot. Now not so much.

I have a 06 BRM Jetta that refuses to start after significant engine work. Tandem pump removal, engine removal. All engine fuel lines disconnected, putting a new to me engine in due to timing belt skipping. Did not remove the injectors from either motor. Still no start. No associated codes. Timing marks are perfect, 0.5 while cranking on the cam via vdcs. Crank speed is 210 rpm

I’m thinking it could be the injector o-rings. Engine sat for an unknown period of time.