agressive driving and drive by wire


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Sep 5, 2002
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We all know that the TDI is drive by wire.
The 'throttle pedal' is a big potentiometer.
Along with that, there is a switch on the clutch pedal
and two on the brake pedal.

The pedal switches tell the ECU when to kick off the
cruise control, but also kill the power as a failsafe in the dbw system.

For those who drive agressively, heel/toe, left foot brake
and all that, that means power can be cut when you don't
want it cut. Sure, there is a way I'm told, which is re-apply the throttle after the power is cut, but what if
there were a better solution?

Why not set up relays to disable the pedal switches
when the cruise switch is off, but let them function
normally when the cruise is on?

It wouldn't be that difficult.

Just thinking out loud...



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Jun 16, 1999
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The TDI's drive-by-wire system does not interfere with correctly performed heel-and-toe downshifts. If you are on the brake first, it will respond to the accelerator pedal, and this is the sequence that occurs with a properly-done heel-and-toe downshift. Works fine on my car.


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Mar 21, 2003
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I agree with GoFaster... I can do the heel and Toe no problem. The system is fine. The only problem I have with the DBW system is that the trottle response is a little slower than a wired one. I went shopping for a VR6 in 2000 and did not buy it because of that. Well the TDi was bought for a different reason, so it's all good.


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Mar 3, 2003
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My problem is not with heel-toe (I never had the power cut on a heel-toe). I first noticed the power cut when trying to use left-foot braking in order to compensate for the my Golf propensity to understeer a lot in a turn... If no-one else fools around with these things, I will eventually. It's really annoying to have the power cut out in the middle of sweeping turn...

- hoffer