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Sep 19, 2003
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Interesting link for y'all:

They're on the north side of the Detroit area, and contract quality OEM wheel manufacturers to make their knock-off wheels.

Note that they make some of these later-styled wheels in 5x100 for those of you with A4's. Make sure to check out the Audi section as well as VW.
I'm looking at a set of these for my GTI, called "Laguna" in N.A. and "Watkins Glen" in Europe:

I really loved the style of them when they were the 30th anniversary GTI wheels on the Mk6 GTI. A set of VW OEM Lagunas go for ~$2000. These are $500/set. I'd question the quality if it weren't for their claims that they use OE wheel makers, using OE processes. Still on the fence as to whether I spring for the OEM, though.

Note that these require hub center bore rings (supplied.)

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