Aftermarket Steering wheel install questions


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Nov 18, 2020
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2014 Jetta 2.0L CJAA TDI 6SPD
2014 mk6 jetta tdi, I recently got a nrg wheel/hub adapter and can't figure out how to wire up the horn, ground out every wire as a last resort after hours of research and did nothing but blow a fuse, any suggestions? also don't know what wires are for the airbags either..... if pictures are needed I can send them, the old steering wheel had a seperate module for the steering wheel controls and what seems like the contacts for the horn went into there but can't do the continuity test to see where it comes out from and the last thing I want to do is plug the airbag back in and poke around in there to see where the power goes. There is a main plug on the clockspring and then it goes out into the airbag and splits off to about 3 or 4 grounding contacs on the airbag itself, then those, as well as the connections from the clockspring also go into the little module for the steering wheel controls, and a wire comes out of the module that goes to a ring around the airbag that has grounded springed contacts that when touched, I'm pretty sure activate the horn but I don't have a high knowledge on circuit boards and can't trace the connections as the traces flip through different sides of the board a few times. Is the horn controlled through the canbus or something? when testing for continuity on the horn fuse inside the car on the fuse box, it shows continuity to ground.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 17, 2013
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I'd suggest searching
volkswagen mk6 aftermarket steering wheel horn
on google, you will find links to this topic on VWVORTEX and golfmk6