Afterfest - Saturday night in NH


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Apr 8, 2011
Honey Brook PA
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When: Saturday night after the Mt Washington Auto Road group drive.
Where: Gore Road, Lancaster, NH
What: Beer, BBQ, a little music, possibly a fire pit, and just a fun way to end a long day with fellow TDI enthusiasts. BYOB.

Interest: please respond to this thread if you are interested in coming by, I would like to see how much food I would need to get for the grill. Its probably going to be the usual burgers and hot dogs, but if I'm cooking for you, I would ask for some sort of 5 dollar donation to the food pot.

I don't expect to be back at the house from Mt Washington till after 9 PM so we won't be starting till then. Like most of you, my Saturday at the fest will be a long day, starting with the breakfast in the AM, and ending with the Mt Washington summit drive, so I would like to invite anyone willing to come to relax after a long day for some beer and BBQ at the house I'm staying at in NH. I am trying to gauge interest to see how much (if any) food I should buy for the BBQ. It will definitely be BYOB as I don't wanna deal with getting beer for everyone, but as I said, anyone who is attending TDIFest and is willing to make the drive is welcome. Not sure what time we will be going to, but I don't imagine it being too late as Sunday will be an early day as well.

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Jul 15, 2013
Tyendinaga, Ontario, Canada
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I'm not much of a drinker, but not one to turn down a relaxing BBQ, either... if it's not too far from the Auto Road, count me (and my daughter) in for the after-event... actually, really surprised nobody else commented on this, so let me know if it's still on (if not, I'll likely end up cooking hot dogs in the Walmart parking lot on a camp stove lol)