Aero Upgrades for A3?


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Feb 12, 2018
Southern California
1997 Jetta TDI (1Z)
Has anyone fabricated aero underbody panels for the A3 to improve efficiency? I know the passats and golfs had factory rear “diffusers” but I am curious if anyone has done a setup on a A3 Jetta.

I’d like to fabricate some panels to cover the bottom of the engine compartment and also one at the rear that would cover the underside of the fuel tank and smooth airflow under the bumper. The bumper on the Jetta is designed seemingly to catch air so I’m curious if there is a better alternative.

This is purely for sh*ts and gigs at this point, there is really no point to me doing it other than to see if it can or has been done. From what I understand, the ideal material to use is coroplast or sheet metal but I’ve never worked with either and would prefer lightweight and durable.

Does anyone have tips or examples to share? Pictures appreciated.