Mar 28, 2012
2012 Passat TDI SE
Not sure where this belongs. Mods, please feel free to move this is needed.

I'm looking at a 2012 passat tdi.
I know the full history on this vehicle, I'm the original owner, and a family member owned it when VW bought it back.
The dealer who bought it from auction wants FULL RETAIL.(n)
My question is, it sat for 2-3 years. What should I look for?
Just before turning it in new tires were installed. The dealer who got it off auction did the brakes and rotors.
It's at 60K miles and a peach!
Can someone talk a little about what may deteriorate while sitting?
Also, I'm interested in a post HPFP filter to possibly save everything else if it goes.
Is there a spec on how many micons this filter should be? I was thinking of an Oberg or that type of filter.
Thanks in advance.