Adding a CD changer to a NB


RIP, Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 25, 1999
Plymouth, CT .
Installation for the cd changer was a snap.
1st You receive two angle iron pieces which are the brackets that mount in the trunk floor.
Pull the carpet up from the drivers side in the trunk and you will see some tapped holes.
Go to a autoparts store and purchase two bolts which thread into these holes. I think they were 10mm bolts
1.5 inches long. They must be long enough to go threw the bracket , carpet , and then thread into the tapped

2nd The carpet. The dealer cuts the carpet out from under the changer. You will see this stencil on the underside
of the carpet. I did not cut it out. Instead I punched two holes though the carpet with an awl. I like the carpet under the bracket and if I ever take the cd changer out the carpet is not ruined.

3rd You can skip this step unless you’re a fussy as me. I wanted to position the changer closer to the rear seat back than the tapped holes allowed me to. So I made a plate to mount the two angle brackets to. The plate is the same width and length as the unit. I then mounted the angle brackets to the ends and held them to the plate with 2 bolts per side. By doing this I was able to position the changer where I wanted it then drilled holes threw the plate to line up with the tapped holes in the trunk.

4th Mount the L brackets or the plate threw the carpet into the tapped trunk holes and tighten down.

5th Remove the plastic cover from the side near the changer and pull out the cable. Place the changer into the L brackets and snake the cable through the hole in the L bracket. Connect the adapter to the cable then connect the adapter to the other cable you pulled out of the side trunk. Install the four supplied screws through the brackets into the changer.

Now you’re ready to do some cruisen with you favorite cd’s.