Adblue Trunk Trim Housing Removal


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Apr 13, 2006
Hillsborough, NC
15 Passat TDI DSG
Can anyone help me with removing the trim panel/housing that surrounds the adblue filler neck? I found the part number 561-867-7109B9 but I can't find any photos of the underside that would show me where any clips or retainers are. It's in there pretty snug and I don't want to break it.

Dealer spilled adblue all in the trunk and I wanted to get under that plastic trim to clean it up. Thanks!


Oct 8, 2005
Midcoast Maine
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Looks like there are five pushbutton type fasteners across the top and the trunk opening and then you lift it up toward the center of the trunk and out.

It is found on p.274 in the Body Interior repair manual on erWin, "5.4.4 Right Luggage Compartment Side Trim Panel, Vehicles with Access Cover
“SCR” (Selective Catalytic Reduction)"

However, there are a few steps to complete before you can pull it completely:

– Remove the luggage compartment carpet. Refer to
⇒ “5.1 Luggage Compartment Floor, Removing and Installing”, page 262 .
– Remove the luggage compartment carpet support. Refer to
⇒ “5.1 Luggage Compartment Floor, Removing and Installing”, page 262 .
– Remove the backrest. Refer to
⇒ “2.2 Rear Seat Backrest, Removing and Installing”, page 329 .
– Remove the rear wheel housing trim panel. Refer to
⇒ “4.6 Rear Wheel Housing Trim Panel, Removing and Installing”, page 248 .
– Remove the rear lock carrier cover. Refer to
⇒ “5.2 Lock Carrier Trim Panel, Removing and Installing”, page 264 .
– Loosen the rear shelf near the luggage compartment right side trim panel as far as necessary. Refer to
⇒ “4.7 Rear Shelf, Removing and Installing”, page 249 .
– Loosen the Right Luggage Compartment Lamp - W35- -1- in direction of -arrow- and remove it from the luggage compartment trim panel while disconnecting the connector -2- at the same time.
– Remove the clips -1-.
– Remove the trim panel -2- in direction of -arrow-. Loosen the trim panel from the rear lid seal molding.
– Depending on the vehicle equipment level, disconnect any wiring harnesses and remove the trim panel -2- from the vehicle.