AdBlue System Wiring Covered?


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Oct 21, 2020
Seattle, WA
2014 Audi Q7
TL;DR – Has anyone successfully had emissions system wiring covered by the extended warranty?

I’m currently battling a recurrence of the following recurring faults on my 2014 Audi Q7 TDI over the past 18 months and also encountered an issue where I can only fill ½ of the AdBlue capacity when the tank is empty (250miles to go indicated on the dash.)
  1. P24D0 Short to GND, Voltage Supply for Particulate Sensor
  2. P0607 Control Module Performance Implausible
  3. P149D Open Circuit, Transfer Pump for Reductant
  4. P20E8 Pressure too Low, Reductant
  5. P20FE Malfunction, Reductant Metering Module
  6. P06E5 Performance, Glow Plug Control Module 1
The dealer has replaced AdBlue high pressure injection and low pressure transfer pumps and supposedly the active tank switch. They have also rejected warranty coverage for an MIL/no-start condition due to a terminal 30 relay failure. I declined this repair and performed it myself since arguing the the "any malfunctions detected by OBD systems" scope was going to be more work than swapping an $8 relay.

The vehicle is on its 4th visit in a month and the dealer is now saying the MIL's are caused by wiring and I need to authorize paid diagnosis to determine the root cause. I’ve declined this service and am preparing to download all wiring diagrams from erWin and investigate myself.

I’ve reviewed the consumer disclosure letter/pamphlet, the Audi Warranty Policy and Procedure Bulletin and I even started digging into the FTC court order; (unfortunately it appears I missed the 18 month Lemon Law window.) I’m struggling to find a clear path to articulate (to the service advisor or Audi corporate) why this should be covered by the emissions warranty. However, proper diagnosis (at a minimum) and fixing the AdBlue system to function seems to be within the scope of the emissions settlement. Has anyone successfully had emissions system wiring covered by the extended warranty?
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