ACES Phase 2 Final Report Released


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Oct 26, 1999
East TN, USA
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The Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES) Final Report has been released ( Full report available at ACES Phase2- FINAL Report_Khalek-R6-SwRI.pdf.

This study measured both regulated and unregulated emissions from three 2010-emissions-compliant HD diesel truck engines (Cummins ISX, Detroit Diesel DD15, and a Mack MP8).

Bottom line...

"...Regulated emissions of NOx, NMHC, CO, and PM were 61%, 100%, 97%, and 92% below the 2010 emission standards, respectively....

...Unregulated emissions that included single ring aromatics, PAH, oxyPAH, nitroPAH, alkanes, alcohol and organic acids, hopanes/steranes, carbonyls, metals and elements, organic carbon, elemental carbon, dioxins and furans were 50% to 99% percent lower than those emitted from 2007 technology engines tested in ACES Phase 1...."