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Sep 22, 2000
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I just wanted to say a few things. I have received emails and PMs for a number of members asking if I was attending to TDIFest. The answer is No. I know it is highly expected of me to be there considering that I was born and raised in Wisconsin.

My wife and I have a vacation planned. We have not had a vacation together since our honeymoon 8 years ago. We are going to Alaska on a 12-day trip provided by Princess Cruise. Sevens days on the water with 3 stops. 5 days on land going to Denali National Park. Technically, we are suppose to end our trip last weekend if we stucked with our original dates. But at the time of booking, the travel agent for Princess mentioned that we can save $1500 if we took the trip two weeks later. Sounds too good of a cost not to save on. So we took it. I knew about the TDIFest at that time, in addition to my own birthday (which will be on Labor Day this year) and my mother's 60th birthday (which is the day before mine) To tell you the truth, we originally planned this Alaska trip for a few years but we kept putting it off so my wife put her foot down and said we are going this year (in terms that we are only young once and why continue to put it off and what if something happened one day.)

So next Monday, the 29th, we are on the cruise ship departing from Vancouver. Heading to spend a day in each city, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, then to a small town to board on the omni-glass dome train to Denalia for 3 days. Then take the same train to Anchorage for a day. We fly back home on the 10th. (Just in time for football season! Go Packers.)

I also wanted to thank all those people that let me do your timing belts. More than half of the trip was funded on doing timing belts. I started saving it last year. The cruise portion is paid for. We still need pay for the shore excursions, meals (on the land part of the trip), activities at Denali (one being a helicopter ride around Mt McKinley.) And of course, shopping. I am looking forward to do a string of timing belts that I have in the works when I return. It be nice to have the trip paid for in no time.

Well, I guess that was more than a few things I wanted to say. I also feel bad that I won't be able to meet those from the coasts in person. I was looking forward to meeting you guys until the day we called to book the cruise. I felt disappointed that day, honestly. Hopefully, I will be able to see you at the TDIFest next year.

Hope all have fun in Wisconsin. Have a few beers for me. Drink a Point. It from where I was born.



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Jul 29, 2001
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Brad, you and your lady need this! Have a blast, as trips like this are often a once in a lifetime adventure.

Was looking forward to meeting you, but there will be another opportunity.


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Mar 31, 2004
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Enjoy the cruise. I'll pass on the Point tho, I went to school at UWSP and had enough then.
I hear the skeeters are worse up there than in Wi!


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May 18, 2004
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Hopefully your trip goes entirely according to plan. You are only young once, and it's been so long, yeah, I would put the wrench down and go.

As for football, I am hoping the Vikings have a rerun of 1998, only with a much better ending. I did not sleep well that Sunday night in January 1999.

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Jul 3, 1996
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Have a great cruise DeafBug, and don't forget to spend a few dollars in Vancouver!

I'll probably see your ship leaving the termimal from my window at work if I'm not too bogged down finishing things up for my drive to WI starting on Tuesday!