A5 Jetta Turbo Clicking


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Nov 15, 2007
Need some guidance. I've done research but have yet to find this specific issue.
Background: 2005.5 Jetta 164K miles, did the egr cooler delete about a year ago and literally just did timing belt/Cam and Malone Stage 2 about 75 miles ago. Since I put it back on the road I've had an intermittent issue that is thoroughly frustrating.

Typically the turbo, in 1st gear kicks in at 1800ish RPM. Periodically, under light throttle it doesn't kick in until 23-2400 RPM and the car will begin to buck, fall over on its face and if I give it more throttle there is a loud clicking sound that comes from the engine bay in the direction of the Turbo. :confused:

This issue really only presents itself in 1st gear. When I say intermittent I mean 10%-15% of the time. It happens when its hot or cold. It happens on flat or incline surfaces.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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Oct 13, 2008
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get a boost gauge, better yet hook up VCDS if you have it and log the issue on boost pressure to confirm/deny if it's turbo related. Turbo's don't just spool up/down unless the signal input to the wastegate/vanes is screwy or if fuel is jumping up and down lighting it and dropping it (obviously the fuel makes it go as well.... Turbo's only help burn that fuel. I doubt immediate power bucking is related to air from your turbo.)