A4 Tdi auto 2.0L help needed


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Sep 17, 2021
A4 Cabriolet TDI 2.0(
I have a 2.0L tdi cabriolet I'm unsure if it's b7 or b8, the last week I have been seeing intermittently the glow plug light and experiencing limp mode.

I noticed before this pulsing rpms if I keep the throttle around 1.9l like a pulsing dead spot. Anyway I removed the maf sensor plug and it seemed to have cured this dead spot

But I have another problem regardless to maf being plugged in or not, if I accelerate fast I have hardly any power until the turbo seems to spool at 3.5k then the car moves almost like launching, if I accelerate very slowly you wouldn't notice the boost problem , the car is supposed to do 0-60mph in around 10 seconds, I've timed it around 13 seconds, I removed the plug to the egr and its made 0 difference.