A3 2.0 TDI turbo seal advice please


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Apr 21, 2021
a3 tdi 170 bmn
Hi there I am new to this forum so let me start off by hi and what an awesome forum btw, I am looking for some advice really as I think my mechanic is trying to have me over. So took my car into garage today as I know my strut mounts is bad so just wanted the mechanic to confirm and price the job up, Whilst the car was in the air he said my turbo seals have blow, there was a very light misting of what I would called dried oil / gunk on the air intake side of the turn where the air box joins the turbo, he pulled the hoses from the intercooler and put his finger inside the hose and intercooler and both were bone dry. am I right in thinking if the turn oil seals where bad then there would be some oil in the pipes also some black smoke from exhaust when flooring it?