A Word about Metalmanparts


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May 31, 2000
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A Word About Metalmanparts.com

I need to say a few great things about him and the way he runs his business.

I've been buying all my supplies from him for both my TDIs over the past few years. He always knows exactly what I need and gives great tips. Sometimes I contact him on a Sunday and he replies everytime (although I'm sure that's not his favorite thing to do on a Sunday).

A few weeks ago, I changed my wife's Jettas TB and 2 things happened:

1) When I removed the serpetine belt, I noticed a physical split in the old belt--I couldn't detect this when the belt was on. It was caused by the roller on the serp tensioner AND the other big roller (I forget what it's called). On both of these rollers, their surfaces were delaminating. There appeared to be some kind of coating on these rollers that was "peeling". I contacted metalmanparts and the new parts were at my doorstep in 2 days!

2) About 900 miles later (last weekend and on Sunday), I rechecked the TB tensioner. It was a little on the tight side and I could have let it go but I didn't--this was a VERY good thing. When I removed the 13mm nut, the freaking tensioner broke!!! The part that comes directly in contact with the 13mm nut broke from it's mating part. This was the 6th TDI TB job I've done and this never happened. I contacted metalmanparts again and he sent a new replacement tensioner and the 4 stretch bolts--FREE!!

I will continue to buy all my parts from him and this is exactly how to run a business!!

Thanks metalmanparts and continue the GREAT work! I, for one, really appreciate your kind of business! Remember the 'good ol' days when this was the norm?