99 Jetta dies


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Nov 26, 2002
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My 99 Jetta with 74K miles has suddenly died three times within the last couple of weeks. The first time this happened i was able to immediately turn the ignition, glow plug light went on, restarted the engine and was off and running. The second and third time the glow plug light would not come on until several minutes had elapsed. I might mention that on one occasion while driving at highway speed, the engine did a split second hesitation, the glow plug light went on for a split second as well. Need help. Wife was driving two of the three times! One other question. Air in the fuel line. What is normal? Absolutely none? A little? I have noticed air in the fuel line after replacing the fuel filter. After reading some threads it appears that enough air in the fuel can cause the engine to suddenly die, but what explains the glow plug light failing to coming on when attempting to restart? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 10, 2002
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If I recall correctly, the "dies without warning, there seem to be other electrical-related symptoms" problem sounds like the 109 is toast and needs to be replaced. If only someone could post instructions regarding the "install a couple of 262s to keep the pesky Mustangs away" mod.

Relay 109 problems are a known issue, and there is an upgraded grey (Gustav) version which is more reliable than the original black (Bertha). Reports are circulating about a translucent white one (seen mainly in relatively new cars), and the consensus seems to be that it's trouble-prone.

Edited because I read another post which told of the different colours.

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Jan 21, 2002
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Regarding air in fuel line.. what is normal etc
From my quite respectable experience with air in fuel line I can say the followings:

* During engine running it is not normal to see any (naked eye visible) bubble of air or whatever gas.

Exception: after changing the filter or messing someway with the fuel system and introducing air it is normal to see bubbles until it primes itself out (from 2-15 minutes depending on different factors)

* It is normal from time to time to see an air bubble that disappears after starting the engine and does NOT reappear soon (possible very small air leakage at the thermostat valve in the fuel filter which leaks only at high engine loads)
This air bubble should not exceed 2 inches in length and not reappear soon

* There can be bubbles only at high engine loads which are not present at idle or so... I had this... a rubbed fuel line against the air main duct caused this in additon to the t-valve and o-ring phucked up. This can cause stumbling and severe stumbling. Occasionally (not me) it can cause an engine to start difficult.

* In order to prevent start of engine and / or shut down during work the air bubble should be large / enormous (at least 2 inches before startup) depending on outside temp. and for it to stall the engine during idling or running it takes the fuel filter to un-prime (ie: catch a lot of air)

That is all I mainly know about air in fuel system....

PS: Air bubbles during idle AND revving can somewhat reduce the peak power of the engine causing smaller top speeds... but this doesn't apply here.. does it?