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99.5' Jetta TDI Part-out ALH Black NE Philly


Well-known member
Mar 10, 2008
NE Philly
2001 Golf TDI
***UPDATE- 19/MAR/2012 SHELL IS GONE- GOT $125 FOR IT!!!


My tdi was smacked in the rear pretty hard.
I will be updating this first post as to what
is still available. That way you don't have
to scroll through pages and pages of jibbar-jabber.
You can also more easily find what you are
looking for if you press Ctrl+f to search this
particular post. Feel free to ask me questions.
I have not listed every single part.
I do accept Paypal; unless you have a better idea.
All communication will be handled through this web site,
or by emailing me directly. krousej@yahoo.com
If you feel like you need an immediate response text me at: 267 981-8675

TRADE (These are things I want)

MK4 Golf TDI:
Modified Golf hood w/ eye brow built in,
Upgraded inter-cooler. (Front mount)
Upgraded lower inter-cooler pipe,
Performance TDI exhaust & downpipe

Corrado stuff:
Upgraded susupension
G60 Performance downpipe


- injector hard lines 2,3 and 4 = $10ea

- engine wiring harness (has been cut)

- Injection Pump bracket (cast alum) = $75 (Lowered to $60)
- oil filter housing = $50 (Lowered to $45)
- oil cooler = $25

- oil pump = $40

- turbo inlet pipe to air box (plastic) = $30

- intercooler to EGR hard plastic pipe = $65
- 90' elbow to EGR valve = $60

- access belt tensioner & roller = $25
- turbo drain line = $15

- power steering pump = $30
- power steering reservoir = $10

- clutch/DMF (Flywheel is good) = $ 100

- egr gas cooler (dirty) = $45

- egr cooler pipe short= $15
- valve cover = $20
- batt cable (neg) = $15

- coolant reservoir = $15
- coolant housing w/ 3 glow plug holes = $50
- coolant pipe for 5-speed (wraps around Engine) = $35
- coolant pipe for auto (wraps around Engine) = $35
- fuel lines from filter to IP = $45

- inj. pump sprocket = $30
- battery tray = $20
- upper TB cover plastic = $15
- lower TB cover metal = $15
- N-75 valve (rectangle connector) = $35
- N-75 valve ("D" shaped connector, recently replaced) = $45
- brake master cylinder (recently replaced) = $50
- brake booster = $50

- engine mount (half with rubber portion only) = $20
- dog bone mount = $55

- seat-belt (tan) Drivers = $50
- seat-belt (tan) Pass = $50
- seat-belt (tan) RH rear = $20
- seat-belt (tan) LH rear = $20
- airbag (drivers side) = $30
- airbag (pass side) = $30
- airbag module = $30

- front strut = $35ea
- front spring = $25ea
- rear springs = $25ea
- rear axle beam (recently replaced bushings) = $200 (Lowered to $120 needs bushings)
- RH rear calipers w/ carrier = $40
- LH rear calipers w/ carrier = $40
- RH front spindle w/ speed sensor and bearing =$40
- LH front spindle w/ speed sensor and bearing =$40
- wiper linkage = $50
- wiper motor = $40

- trunk lid black (not pictured) = $80
- trunk lid black fabric panel (w/ upgraded lights) = $45

- front bumper beam w/styrafoam = $35

- brake petal = $40
- instrument cluster (270k) = $70

- blower motor = $35

- Intercooler lower bracket = $5
- sun/moon roof track = $65
- sun/moon roof motor = $25
- sun/moon roof glass = $40
- front sway bar = $25
- wiper washer reservoir = $20

- Cylinder Head
- intake elbow to EGR
- AC compressor/clutch = $75
- starter = $60
- metal backing plate behind TB x2 = $20
- AC condensor = $40
- radiator w/ aux fans = $70
- transmission = $300 SOLD
- drive axles = $20 each
- inner TB cover
- front brakes (calipers/rotors/pads) = $75 ea/x2 for both
- hood latch = $10
- wiper arms
- wiper plenum
- radiator support = $40
- clutch slave cylinder
- clutch master cylinder
- clutch petal
- 5-speed shifter box w/ cables
- front calipers - seized
- lower control arms - keeping these
- engine cradle - stripped nut
- trans mount = $30
- seats, carpet, center armrest, and door cards
- glove box = handle broken/hinge repair
- antenna/mast = gone
- cup holder = gone
- alternator (120 amp) = $70
- eng mount bracket (raps around TB)
- power steering line (long) = gone
- headlights = wrecked
- grill = wrecked
- egr cooler pipe long = $20
- engine cover
- skid plate
- air box = $25*
- drivers exterior door (black) = $150
- passengers exterior door (black) = $150
- RH rear exterior door (black) = $150
- LH rear exterior door (black) = $150
- accelerator petal = $50
- aftermarket upper-intercooler pipe = SOLD
- turbo outlet hose = $10
- turbo outlet pipe (in w/w hard plastic) = $40
- front bumper lower valance = $20
- tire changing kit in foam donut = $20
- ECU (Part No: 038 906 018 EB, socket-ed for my Kerma tune) = $175
- intercooler outlet pipe = $45
- camshaft sprocket (cut) = $15
- drivers side mirror automatic w/ heat (black) = $60 each
- passenger side mirror automatic w/ heat (black) = $60 each
- turbo actuator (idparts.com almost brand new) = $70
- LH and RH fenders
- Drivers window s/w
- exhaust cat back = $120
- diesel fuel tank = $100
- RH rear black plastic splashguards = $10
- LH rear black plastic splashguards = $10
- complete set of injectors (manual trans) = $125*
- wiper washer pump = $10
- turbo oil feed line = $35
- vacuum pump = $60
- egr valve w/ repaired anti-shutter = $45
- vnt15 turbo P/N GTA1749V (Garrett factory rebuilt, <10k miles) = $500
- engine shortblock = $800 (w/ minimal scratches, minus one piston)
- batt cable (pos) = $15
- downpipe (w/ good flex pipe and cat, tail piece cut) = $80
- oil pan w/plug = $50
- intercooler = $50
- fuel sending/level unit (recently replaced OEM) = $40
- clutch/SMF (Recently Replaced- Saches) = $200
- 15" wheel steelies (5ea) = $25
- injection pump = $500 (10mm <100k) (Willing to negotiate for your rebuild-able core)
- intake manifold (dirty) = $60
- front bumper (still in cellophane, primed) = $80 (Lowered to $65)
- steering wheel/column (3-spoke) = $150 * * * * * * * * * (Lowered to $100)
- steering rack (recently replaced tie rods/boots) = $120

DSC00338 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00336 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00335 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00333 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00331 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00328 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00324 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00323 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00321 by krousej, on Flickr

DSC00320 by krousej, on Flickr

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Veteran Member
Mar 2, 2008
Norther New Jersey
2000 Jetta TDI,2006 vw tdi jetta,2003 vw beetle,2003 vw golf
i need a hood, front grill, are these items for sale or no, i didnt see it in the listing figured id ask.


Well-known member
Mar 10, 2008
NE Philly
2001 Golf TDI
I gotta get the pictures up, sorry about that. It was smacked in the back; pushed me into the car in front of me; ruined the grill and hood.

PM's addressed........


Veteran Member
Mar 2, 2008
Norther New Jersey
2000 Jetta TDI,2006 vw tdi jetta,2003 vw beetle,2003 vw golf
where are you located exactly?. may need a fuel sending unit and the powersteering pump. fuse box cover and over head light


Veteran Member
Nov 23, 2003
2002 Jetta Galactic Blue
The stainless and silicone plumbing from the intercooler to the intake, Still have it? I'm not sure what it's called. was it custom made or aftermarket?

and is it for sale?
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Well-known member
Apr 10, 2011
Wise County, Virginia
2011 Jetta TDI
intercooler pipe to the egr. How much? if the guy who asked before me dont buy it. shipped that is

Also ill take air box and how much for engine cover?

Also does your car have the console inside 5 speed with armrest? let me know if so how much


Veteran Member
Dec 30, 2007
Northern NY
1996 passat tdi wagon, 97 F-150 XLT 4x4, 99.5 Mk4 Jetta VR6/5M
I could use a set of rims for my snow tires. mine are 15' - 5 x 100 pattern. PM with price if your shipping anything.


Veteran Member
Dec 30, 2007
Northern NY
1996 passat tdi wagon, 97 F-150 XLT 4x4, 99.5 Mk4 Jetta VR6/5M
I could use a set of rims for my snow tires. mine are 15' - 5 x 100 pattern. PM with price if your shipping anything.


Well-known member
Mar 10, 2008
NE Philly
2001 Golf TDI
I added a vnt15 turbo.....reluctantly.....I really wanted to keep it because it's got less than 10k on it.
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Veteran Member
Oct 7, 2011
99.5 Golf (5-spd), '10 Golf (6-spd), '12 Touareg
Controller/knob for the side-view mirrors?


Active member
Jan 27, 2012
2002 Jetta, 2003 Ford Superduty 7.3
I need the lower lip spoiler on the front bumper, the passenger side and middle lower grill pieces and the lower engine cover. LMK if you still have this stuff.



Well-known member
Mar 10, 2008
NE Philly
2001 Golf TDI
I still have a bunch a good parts.
See Post #1 for price drops and parts added.
- intercooler to EGR hard plastic pipe = $65
- 90 elbow to EGR valve = $60