97 Variant for sale in NH


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Dec 8, 2002
Tilton, NH
1997 Black B4 sedan, 1996 Red B4 Sedan RIP
Well my wife says I can't have another TDI until we get a new house so I figured I'd pass this one I saw in a local paper along to the crowd. I spoke with one of the guys at the car lot who didn't know too much about it although he did say that it had over 200k and I noticed there doesn't appear to be a front grill badge. Only asking $3,995!!!

Gotta let it slip by me so I hope one of you can get it.

97 Variant


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Jan 30, 2001
Fort Rock, Oregon
'90 Syncro 16" highroof camper mTDI project; '97 Passat TDI sedan 'parts car'
I called, the car sounds nice, but 292,000 miles is a bit much, especially on a northeast salt-belt car. Bet they paid about $500 for it. Ed, did you wife also mention that you couldn't buy a car with 300,000 on it?


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May 25, 2001
San Antonio, TX
'97 Passat Wagon 410K RIP
This car, affectionately known as 'project wagon', now lives in San Antonio. It's got lots of miles on it and is in need of about $800 of TLC, but is generally a solid car with an excellent interior. It's been 'rode hard and put up wet' - not abused, but neglected.

I arrived at the far end of a 1-way plane ticket to drive the car home and found some significant gaps between the way the car was portrayed and the way it sits. In a 2-week period it went from one rust spot to three, frozen hand-brake cables, an unmentioned botched windshield replacement with a new nickel-sized chip, a CEL and 5 error codes, an exhaust leak from a bad weld between the cat and first muffler, broken D/S mirror, spare won't hold air, and a valet key for the doors. And speaking of air...no AC. But the tires are brand new!

The other good news is that in spite of some mystery Penzoil in the 1-quart overfilled crankcase, and two dead glow plugs, the 2150 mile drive back to San Antonio went very well - decent mileage (39 - missing underbody panels in the rear, half the trip in limp-mode due to N75 error and every vacuum line in serious need of replacement) and didn't use a drop of oil.

I'm just finishing putting the interior back in after inspection and a whole lot of vacuuming and steam cleaning. Wiring and grounds have been repaird in the rear of the car. I still have some wiring and ground issues under the hood. How did the previous owner break that back-up light wiring anyway?! All the vacuum lines have been replaced, including the segment in the ECU and all the error codes are gone except for the glow plugs. (Thanks Uwe - VagCom has paid for iteslf about 6x over now!) Replacement DS mirror is enroute, as is AC compressor, lots of brake parts, and other odds and ends. (Jerry at Impex - Thanks for the 5% sale on parts!)

Gotta wait until morning to get back at it. I haven't yet been able to get the lower bolt for the right rear shock loose...I hope those new rotors and brake pads get here soon...

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