97 jetta turbo diesel 1.9l


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Feb 2, 2021
Red deer alberta Canada
Jetta turbo diesel 1.9l
Hey everyone, im completely new to euro vehicles. Might come off as a stupid question but im trying to replace the glow plugs on my car. I got one out to find the glow plugs I got when I bought the car might not be the right ones, but when I look at sites like rock auto, Amazon and such I get the same glow plugs as what I have. The part number on the glow plug that I took out of my car is a bosch 80010 on rock auto but I have ngk y510r's. The ngks are longer than whats in the car already, but the ngks are what I find online that the car requires. Is it okay to use the ngks or should I try to find the boschs in Canada?