901.4 Miles With 1 Tank


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Sep 3, 2005
Passat Wagon GL,2005,Silver
TheGrove said:
Yeah that "hill", ok mountain, outside of Skagway would be a milage killer! We were there last May and took the White Pass train up and that is a long grade. Gorgeous gorgeous country!
I know this take it off topic, but some years back, I took the motor cycle to Skagway and met up with a long time friend who was a trainee engineer on the White Pass.

He arranged for me to ride shotgun with one of the full fledged engineers. That area tends to rain, but when I was there, nothing but pure sunshine.

Truly the thrill of a lifetime not only to get the rid up that gorge on the train in sunshine, but a front row seat in the cab of the locomotive. I was jumping up and down like a kid.

The scenery is stunning, the trip is amazing and awesome, and up at the top, you can still see where they wore a path into the rocks with their feet. Truly incredible.

Of all the sections, areas of Alaska, that truly is one of the wonders.