50mm and 55mm hubs - Is there any advantage(s) when upgrading suspension?


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Aug 22, 2019
A3 2.0tdi ea288
Hi everyone, i originally thought that my car had 55mm holes in the hub for the shocks, ive been out and measured them on the car, and it looks like i have got myself ones that are 50mm.

Im not overly bothered about it, but is there any difference atall in upgrading to the 55mm shocks and hub? id presume there is no advantages at all over the size difference and they behave pretty much identicle when using the same suspension kits, but before i take the dip and order some KW V2 coilovers, im rather curious to know.

Car is a 2016 audi a3 saloon for refrence (it is an s-line, which i presumed they would have 55mm ones judging by most of the searching ive done on the internet, turns out opposite)