3L of water in one night! (Spirited driving)


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Mar 19, 2023
Passat b5.5 pd130 6speed afv
Hello people

I've got a passat b5.5 pd130, owned it 5 years now and I've always had to top up the coolant every so often. Nothing terrible, there's also signs of oil in the expansion tank. Recently did oil change and oil looked fine.

Recently I put a stage 1 on it and it's become quite thirsty for coolant 😅 I know the map wasn't the smartest but you only live once right.

I'll be putting pd150 arl headbolts, to hopefully solve the issue for the time being as I plan on building it a bit but don't have the funds currently.

This topic I've read but still can't find a proper answer. I'll be doing 1 at a time rather than all at once, do I torque it up (30nm, 60nm, 90 degrees?) then do the next?