2nd 2013 bug tdi in 6 months


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Oct 5, 2008
Perry Park, Larkspur, Colo.
2013 bug conv. tdi
First bug tdi convertible had electrical problems associated with the main wiring harness. After the issue was fixed approximately 45 days went by and the problem raised its head again. This time in earnest. Couldn't shut eng. off at times. Couldn't start eng. at times. Finally would not start at all. Second time in 4 months I had to be towed to VW. (By the way VW roadside assistance did not respond. My dealer had to contract with a local towing service to bring my car to the dealership. Really disappointing service - I wouldn't count on vw assistance!). I had lost all confidence with that car so I purchased a 2013 Passat tdi. Kept it for a month and couldn't wait to get back into another Bug TDI Convertible. Have my new (second) bug tdi (exactly the same as my first one) and couldn't be happier. Fingers crossed that no gremlins creep into this bug..... My smiles per mile meter is off scale compared to the Passat (although the Passat got better mpg and much better range - 18.5 gallons - ). Not wanting to offend any Passat owners I can honestly say if I wanted a four door, high mpg, good looking, pleasurable car to drive - it would be the Passat. But living in the mountains of Colorado the drop top and turbo combo suits my current needs. :)