2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread


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Mar 21, 2015
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Would anyone be interested in having a tdi fest or a gtg at the very least sometime this fall in southeast Missouri more specifically Sikeston MO I can do all the event organization myself we could have it at the rodeo grounds here. The jaycee bootheel rodeo which was the highest paying rodeo event in th us at one time and might still be for all I know lol not a rodeo kinda guy but it is held there every year it is always in August on Wensday Thursday Friday Saturday and each night they have a concert at the end of the night but the rest of the year they rent it out for car shows, corporate events, carnivals and whatever else people want and they provide the insurance, event security, professional stage with lights and sound equipment if there was enough interest i could get it set up and maybe even have a concert as part of the event to help attract some of these newbies that have just bought this that where part of the buyback so maybe they will see how valuable it is to be a part of this club when you own a vw tdi just let me know
That would be sweet! I'm also a missourian, and think that would be fun. I've not been to any of the tdi fests or gtgs, so it would be a first for me.


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May 27, 2003
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Probably because my diesel truck gets about one third the fuel mileage that my Beetle got.
You could innovatively save a few bucks here and there from now until the TDI Fest Labor Day weekend (assuming there will be one) to cover the extra cost of fuel ..... problem solved!


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Jun 20, 1998
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VW Derf (Fred) attended several of the early 'Fest before he had a TDI.
Other have also attended / participated at TDI themed events without benefit of their own TDI.
I don't (currently) have a TDI, but I'd still plan on attending.
Show up in a rented Kia. Who cares?