2016 BUG*PWR Award Nominations

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Yes it is that time again. Each year at TDIFest the BUG*PWR award is given to an individual who has done a lot of work for various people in the club and was always willing to help others without payment. It is in memory of a member named BUG*PWR who did a lot of work for others and was always jumping in to assist others. This year marks #16, so it is still a small group of individuals.

I am looking for suggestions on someone who has given a lot to the TDIClub community, goes out of their way to help others, and is not in it for any profit. If you would like to nominate someone, please email me a little bit about the person and what they have done for the club by August 14th. I will take the suggestions and make the announcement of this years winner at TDIFest 2016.

Past winners:
2015: Sunday River, ME: TDIDaveNH
2013: Sunday River, ME: Abacus
2012: Ypsilanti, MI: compu_85
2011: Lexington, KY: Zippy_car
2010: Portland, OR: WINGNUT
2009: Washington, DC: DanG144
2008 Mason, OH: Hamsterdiesel
2007 Montreal, Canada: Lug_Nut
2006 Philadelphia, PA: Tomo366
2005 Lake Mills, WI: PeterV
2004 Boston, Ma: Gwilli
2003 Toronto, Canada: Tongsli
2002 Grand Rapids, Mi: Gofaster
2001 Park City, Ut: Drivebiwire
2000 Wilmington, NC: Velvetfoot

Please send nominations directly to fred @ tdiclub.com rather than posting here.
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A well deserved award. We do not see actually how much work goes on behind the scenes. BK is the 100% of the time.