2015 Q7 P1592 Boost pressure/altitude sensor correlation

Apr 25, 2022
cumberland MD
06 Jetta BRM
Okay guys, have a weird one for ya, I have determined that it does need a new boost pressure sensor to fix this code HOWEVER there may be another problem.

Vehicle was brought to me in limp mode because of the code, I first removed the sensor to inspect, looked alright but as I was going to reinstall it, I see what looks like water in the hole where the sensor sits. I grab my suction ball and suck out what I can, it looks like water and has a dark green tint to it. I taste it, sweet like coolant. I did check the coolant first as it said it was low when I pulled it inside the shop. Coolant color looks to be a dark blue/green.

So going to assume that it is indeed coolant.

Qestion is, where the hell did it come from? it uses air to air intercoolers...so not there. My thoughts are EGR cooler? Oil is clean, no water in there.

Has anyone else ran into this problem???