2015 Passat TDI Power Loss


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Dec 2, 2014
Dover, OH
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While accelerating from a red light (2k shift point) I heard a strange noise coming from under the hood with associated power loss. I pulled into the nearest parking lot and my car had virtually no power and was extremely LOUD. It sounded like my old Jetta ALH that I had straight piped. I got the car back home but could not go any faster than 35 mph. I disconnected the turbo on my old Jetta one time and the problem with current Passat feels exactly like that. No power, loud noise from engine bay. Sounds as if there is a knocking coming from the engine. These new diesels run super quiet compared to the diesels of yesterday-year but my Passat is anything but quiet at the moment. I attempted to troubleshoot the problem but it is so difficulty to see the exhaust side of the turbo on these engines. Just seeing if anyone out there has experienced a similar problem.


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Aug 19, 2009
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read the codes.

I wonder if you lost a charged air line or the DPF to turbo clamp which should be visible up top by the fire wall.

If it's an exhaust leak, you'll see soot.