2015 Passat>Fender Audio issues


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Mar 13, 2008
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EDIT: Was chatting with a friend about this and he told me his Nissan Truck does the same thing. Suggested I try without pairing my phone to the car. Well VOILA! It does not happen while phone is not paired. Any idea why or how to fix that? To me, the system is kind of worthless if you cannot pair your phone to it. TIA

Morning Y'all,

Recently purchased a CPO Passat after many many years of driving 04-05 Mk4, BEW's.

Having an issue with the audio system It randomly shuts itself off and restarts. You can hear something inside the dash area audibly switch off. Hard drive???? Additionally, sometimes when the unit is on and working, the steering wheel controls and touch screen controls will not accept commands.

I searched some threads here and did not see anything current posted with this situation.

I did see an old thread about updating firmware but the links no longer work.

I tried to search the web using terms like: "VW Fender software update" but no luck. For the record I'm SEVERLY tech challenged so if you have any useful info you have to speak to me like a baby.😂

I'm trying to avoid going to the dealer for a warranty repair if I can.

Thank you in advance for your help and insight..................Frank
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